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Welcome to UofA’s Testimonial page! No amount of self praise can match the enthusiastic endorsement of others. When students take the time to recount a positive experience, it speaks volumes. We hope you enjoy what our students have to say about University of Atlanta. The administration gratefully expresses our thanks to them for their kind thoughts.

  • UofA is an excellent school that is student-friendly in terms of academic quality, affordability and caring. Without Imtiaz Nazerali, an experienced and persuasive admissions officer, I would not have thought of enrolling. Keep up the excellent work. -- A. Aden (Kenya) - AMA
  • Being a Mechanical Engineer and working with the most prestigious Toyota Motor Corporation, I chose to study in University of Atlanta because the university stood out above the rest. I had offers from other universities, but UofA has a great reputation internationally, and it had the specific program I wanted to do (Online EMBA). I like the hands-on approach of the courses at UofA because it has taken my learning beyond theory. I have learned to apply my knowledge through experiences like writing articles, working in teams, and active involvement in our tutorials. I feel better prepared to get into the workforce because of it. Discussion Forums [an interactive platform with links to course notes, student contacts, exercises, assignments, etc.] works really well. The faculty invests a lot in students, they really look after us. The experience is broadening my horizon and really changing my view about many things. The priceless service offered by Ms. Glenda Jemison and her crew is something worth mentioning. Last but not least; I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Admission Representative Aly Alidina for his excellent assistance throughout my joining process. Without him, I wouldn’t have been here at this point in time. My advice to prospective students is that, when you come to University of Atlanta, you will experience living amongst people from many nationalities and make lifelong friends. If you are a student searching for the best university offering online degrees, then, YES, you are at the right place now. -- N. Pahala (India)
  • Doing the Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science gave me the skills and confidence to succeed at the highest level, I feel like University of Atlanta is my second home and family; every one cares, the nonstop work and efforts that they put in make this university better and unique among the others. I am feeling so proud in being a student of University of Atlanta, the University of Atlanta’s online program has been ideal for me because I needed to fit my studies in with a demanding job, sometimes having to cope with unpredictable hours. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank everyone affiliated with the University for the Wonderful Work you are doing. - Z. Dawrankhil (Afganistan).
  • I would like to say thank you to Mr. Imtiaz Nazerali for his great support and fast response to every single point I asked. His efforts have really encouraged me to apply to be a student at UOFA. I hope to receive the same support during the period I spend earning my BA degree. I can say that UofA is professional in the way it accepts students. – A. Ashqar
  • It is a pleasure to be a student of this respected university. I thank UofA for all the support received and will be back after my leave. Thanks. M. Iqbal
  • One of the big reasons I chose University of Atlanta is its accreditation and flexibility in understanding the particular circumstances of candidates. Mr. Jerry was the driving force for me to enroll and continue doing the DBA program. The interactive and proactive method used by the instructors reinforces my great interest in studying with UofA because they make every member of the cohort feel connected and familiar. I found UofA a place that can help me achieve my academic major in a suitable time and with international acceptable levels. --V. Kataya (Angola)
  • Janee Gaines [admissions representative] provided excellent student services tailored to my education goals. She provided excellent one on one specific coaching, which I found to be extremely beneficial. The online resources facilitate student interaction while learning. -- D. Reed (USA)
  • I live in Thailand, a country having beautiful tourist destinations and nature. People in Thailand have good courtesy, cheerful manner and generosity. Until a present time, I have worked as an owner of a tour company for more than ten years and have worked as a tourist guide for more than 15 years. This occupation is the career that I prefer as I travel to a lot of countries all the time. I have met people of several races, beautiful places and good experience from this occupation. Furthermore, I am a special instructor teaching in universities in fields of business administration and tourism, in order to publicize my experience to student groups and related people for use in doing occupations. I feel proud to study at University of Atlanta in the DBA program of the university. This university has greeted me well since the day I applied to study here until the present time, especially Ms. Glenda Jemison, Director of Academic and Support Services and Mr. Bill Kay, Vice President For Enrollment Management, who have taken care of me very well. When I do not understand something or when I require assistance they will give assistance to me every time. DBA course of this university is a good and standard course; it has a thorough system of taking care of students. I think that this university is the best one for me. I shall pay good attention to education so that I can complete the course quickly, to be the pride of my family and myself. Kind regards, -- R. Limsakunwanich, (Thailand).
  • Dear Mr. Bill Kay, I am an Indian living in Saudi Arabia. My search for an MBA program offered through distance/online mode led me to various universities. Considering several factors, I narrowed down my approach to two universities in the US, one of which was the University of Atlanta. The course structure, introduction of the university, and the kind of assistance that I have received from the University of Atlanta helped me decide on applying for admission here, rather than to the other university. Throughout the application process, I was assisted by Mr. Imtiaz Nazerali. He has provided me excellent service, with promptness, clarity, warmth and friendliness. I believe that other candidates like me who approach your university feel the same way about Mr. Nazerali and his commitment to his role. Thank you for establishing a bond of trust and an image of excellence of the UofA, which shall ripple out to my friends’ circle through my interaction with them. I’m glad that I have applied for admission to the MBA program in UofA. -- A. Shoukat (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mr. Nazerali gave me fantastic support to get enrolled in the program. I hope to complete this program in due course. -- S. Ullah
  • After long searching between numbers of universities all over the world I recognized that UofA has the best services, attitude, and professionals, in addition to very flexible treatment. It is my pleasure to be part of UofA. I had a great experience especially from Mr. Imtiaz Nazerali who was always ready to answer any inquiries or give any explanation. He has rich knowledge and skills, and was a successful supporter for me in deciding which university I should study.-- A. Abdulkader (Qatar),
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