Student Services/Forms


All new students are sent a Welcome Letter from Orientation Services, which gives them details about how to log in to the secure section of the Learn Center and a) view the Orientation Video (available 24/7); and, b) read the Student Handbook. Both the Video and the Handbook are vital tools that assist the students in getting started on an online/distance learning program of study. They also introduce the student to the unique UofA Learning Platform: how to access assignments, submit them, order books, navigate the library, etc. We encourage students to view the Video, read the Handbook, and the FAQs, frequently, as they navigate through the program. Welcome Letter 2 serves as a reminder of forms and documents to be submitted, an invitation to join UofA on Facebook and Twitter, and eligibility requirements for the ID Card. Students are also assigned a subject specialist who supports them through their studies.

Student ID Card

Student identification cards are available to all officially enrolled students. Students who wish to order an ID card will be charged $25 (plus 4.95 for laminated photo option), with free shipping worldwide. In order to receive a Student Identification Card, students must request a Student Status Letter by submitting an ID Request Form with their full name and student identification number to the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta. In partnership with ISEC, our ID Card comes with many discounts and privileges, such as special travelfares, medical assistance, etc. (details placed in secure Learn Center). Study Center privileges and attendance at social networking events hosted by our various locations around the world will also require this ID Card. Many places may also provide discounts based on this card, including library privileges at colleges and universities within the student’s geographic area depending on the institution’s policies.

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